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There’s a great sense of accomplishment that comes when we’re able to match a very talented candidate with the perfect job in an excellent company. It’s part of the reason why the recruiters at Career Smart love what we do.

You Want More than Just a Job

If you’re considering the next step in your career, we’d like to know.  At Career Smart, our mission is to help you find the right job in a company where you have a good potential for growth and success. We’re not “headhunters” or an employment agency. Career Smart will talk with you about an open position before we send your resume.

We understand that it’s not only the salary and benefits that are important. You also want to be happy in your new work environment. Your privacy is a priority and we’ll only send your resume when there’s a fit with your background, your capabilities, and your goals.

Even better, there are no costs to you. Career Smart is commissioned by employers to find the best potential candidates for positions that they need to fill. If we know your qualifications and what kinds of positions you’re considering, we can help you find a new job that fits.

Our clients are regularly seeking managers, salespeople, and technically skilled applicants for manufacturing positions. Other positions also come up frequently, and our first source for candidates is our resume database.

We encourage you to submit your resume online and you will be added to our database immediately.

Sometimes we have a Sixth Sense

A specialty engineer with an excellent background. When we received her resume, I thought about one of my clients. I interviewed the applicant and immediately knew there would be a fit. Technically, there wasn’t a position open, but the VP was interested and the company hired her quickly. Interestingly enough, the same thing happened again just a few months later. Now, both engineers are doing quite well. My client thinks that they’ll be among the next generation of leaders at the company.

–Tara Krigbaum

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When one of Career Smart’s candidates gets a promotion, we feel like we receive one, too!