FAQ for Employers

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Answers to Questions that Employers frequently ask about Career Smart’s Executive Recruiting Services:

Career Smart recruiters are attuned to your needs. We’ll gain an understanding of your company, how your industry operates, and the specific details and requirements of the positions you want to fill. We’ll be considerate of your time and your communications preferences and do our best to make each search that we conduct for you efficient and easy.

We use a combination of channels and methods, including a network of contacts that we’ve developed across the U.S. LinkedIn and other social networks provide opportunities to discover potential candidates within your industry. Careerbuilder and industry specific job boards may be used to advertise your position.

Certainly. We recognize that there are occasions when a position opening at your company doesn’t need to be public knowledge. Career Smart can conduct a confidential search without publishing your company name. Interviews can be handled via Skype, at our offices, or at another off-site location.

Our fees are charged as a percentage of the new employee’s projected first-year earnings. Career Smart can conduct position searches for your company on a contingent or retained basis. Discounts are provided for start-ups or new operations where multiple positions need to be filled.

We’re extremely thorough. Career Smart verifies all degrees through. We also check certifications, particularly critical training for IT and technical personnel. We’ll obtain references from supervisors and job reviews, if possible. We verify job history and search for gaps that may not show in the candidate’s resume. Finally, our recruiters will make an extra effort to get a sense of the candidate’s character and integrity during the research process.

All of this happens before you receive a resume. We want you to be confident that the candidate we submit meets your qualifications and will be an asset to your organization.

Career Smart can administer a variety of assessments to screen for specific skills, aptitudes, or personality traits. The tests we administer will vary according to the requirements of the position. We’ll discuss options with you at the beginning of the search process.

Our recruiters have decades of experience and lots of connections among human resources professionals and the many candidates we’ve placed in a range of industries. Click the link for a list of industries that Career Smart has recently served.

Yes. There are several methods that Career Smart can use to identify, contact, and recruit experienced candidates who are currently working in your industry. We can also assist you with insights about compensation packages that will be attractive to candidates who might not be actively seeking a new position.

Drug testing is a standard service and can usually be arranged with a center near the candidate’s home. There are federal and state provisions governing criminal background checks, but it is usual to obtain the candidate’s consent after a contingent offer is presented.

Career Smart’s precision approach to management recruiting is designed to prevent problems before they occur at your workplace. We identify problems that you’ll never see – they’re eliminated when potential candidates are disqualified during our review process.

Since our company’s inception in 2005, Career Smart’s job placement retention rate is 96%. That means that difficulties with employees we’ve placed are few. Our experience indicates that when problems do occur, they can usually be identified within 90 days of employment. In the event that one of our placements leaves your company for any reason within 90 days, we’ll replace him or her without additional charge as long as you notify us within 90 days of the start date.

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