FAQ for Job Seekers

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Answers to Questions that Job Seekers Frequently ask about Career Smart’s Recruiting Services:

Career Smart works with companies in a diverse range of industries, but we are strongly connected with manufacturing and industrial clients. Many of our employers are seeking candidates with strong managerial backgrounds or technical skills.

Career Smart helps our corporate clients source the best people for a broad selection of positions. Typically, they depend on us to find highly qualified candidates for mid and upper level management positions. We frequently recruit for sales and sales management openings. Our clients also look to Career Smart to help them recruit employees with specialized administrative or technical skills.

Sorry, but you’re probably better off with a staffing agency if you’re looking for temporary work. Career Smart is a direct hire recruiting firm and our corporate clients are generally looking for long-term, permanent employees.

Career Smart’s recruiters work with a variety of people with differing career paths. Naturally, we’ll want to know about your background, your education, and your employment history; but we also want to learn about the kind of work environment you prefer.  Our objective is to match candidates with solid skills and experience with a company that provides the opportunities, benefits, and culture that they desire.

Career Smart works with employers across the US, many of whom are willing to assist the right candidate with relocation expenses. However, we may not be able to assist you to relocate to a particular city or community. Please let us know if you are willing to relocate and if there is a particular area of the country where you’d like to live.

We will review your resume promptly after we receive it to see if there’s a match with any of the positions that Career Smart is currently seeking to fill. If there is a match, we’ll get in touch with you to discuss the opening and your interests. If there isn’t an immediate fit, we’ll enter your resume in our database and it will be included in searches for positions that are placed in the future. Your resume will remain in our system unless you request that we remove it.

While we welcome an occasional email to check in, it’s really not necessary to call frequently about your resume or to see if there are new positions open. Please do let us know if your contact information changes. We’ll contact you directly when we are recruiting for a position that looks like a fit with your skills and your career path.

It’s very easy. You can fill out an application and submit your resume online by clicking the link.

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