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Our clients measure Career Smart’s value by the success of the employees that we place. We think that’s a good standard to measure our effectiveness, both for our customers and for our candidates.

What Our Clients have to say:

Our company has been growing rapidly and we’ve needed specific talents that are difficult to come by in our area. Tara and Patsy at Career Smart have been extremely helpful in that regard. They are very professional, friendly, and extremely receptive to all of our requests and preferences. We depend on Career Smart for responsive and successful help to fill key positions that are needed during our expansion.

– Lee Tompkins, HR Manager

I’ve worked with Career Smart for over 10 years. Patsy and Tara are extremely professional and extremely discreet. Most important, they know our company. They understand our culture and the work ethic we expect. Career Smart always sends good, qualified candidates that meet and exceed our expectations.

– Barbara Goree, HR Manager

Career Smart always goes over and beyond my expectations with the quality of their applicants.

– Pam Atkins, Practice Administrator

There’s a strong element of trust when you work with Career Smart. Low cost staffing services could never fill the professional positions we need. When Career Smart sends a candidate, they are thoroughly vetted and well-qualified. Very few other firms can surpass their capabilities when it comes to finding the right talent on a very timely basis.

– Mike McCurdy, VP Human Resources, Automotive OEM

Patsy and Career Smart have helped with several hires over the past 5 years or so. The candidates she suggested stood head and shoulders above the rest and they’re all still working with our company. She gets a good initial read on the position and then takes time to find the best candidates. I’ve felt like every time we worked with Career Smart we’ve had great results. Career Smart gets 5 out of 5 stars, for sure.

– Travis Griffith, President, Major Real Estate Development Company

I have worked with Career Smart for over five years with two companies in two different industries – automotive and aerospace. They have been able to work successfully across industries to help me with specific positions that are usually hard to fill. Tara sends awesome resumes. She communicates honestly – if she doesn’t have a candidate, she’ll tell me, then work even harder to find one. The quality of her recommendations is always off the charts.

– Melissa Carter, Human Resources Manager

When I realized I needed to partner with a recruiting firm to secure a Data Analyst, I knew Career Smart would be my choice. I have had the pleasure of partnering with Patsy and Tara for community-sponsored events and their dedication to each project has been top-notch.

Tara did her due diligence in searching for a Data Analyst. She vetted and we agreed upon an applicant, who turned out not to be exactly the right fit for our organization. She went back to the drawing board and found another candidate, who brought not only the skill set we were looking for, but who was better suited for our company culture. Tara’s calm, professional demeanor had a huge impact on making our applicant search a lot less stressful. I have complete trust and confidence in Career Smart and will continue to recommend them to colleagues and friends.

– Cherry Carr, HR Director

When you work with Patsy and Tara at Career Smart, you’ll experience two professionals who are very energetic about what they do. They are very good listeners who take the time to really understand what their client is looking for. And they’re able to locate top notch candidates that closely meet the qualifications.

The last 3 candidates – an Executive Assistant and 2 HR Generalists – that Career Smart placed with our company have all been perfect matches.
Career Smart has taken the time to learn our business and they know the market. They’re exceptionally good at getting very good people in the right place and with the right company.

– Naomi Stifter, VP Human Resources

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