Precision Job Recruiting

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Some of our best clients at Career Smart are HR professionals. They’re busy folks, engaged with everything from hiring to handbooks. Many of them tell us plainly that they don’t have the time or the resources to recruit the way we do.

We call it precision recruiting. It’s the intensive effort that’s required to get the best talent. Over the years, Career Smart has developed resources and processes that represent real value to our clients.

Finding the Best Candidates for Your Position

We believe that hard work brings success. Finding the best candidate requires time, energy, resourcefulness, and a real desire to help.

Here’s what to expect when you work with Career Smart:

Before we start the search, we’ll get your perspective. We want to learn issues and opportunities in your industry, your company culture, and challenges that are unique to the position.

Our network of contacts spans multiple industries and a lot of geography. This network allows us to recruit from a pool of talent that may be receptive to your opportunity even if they’re not actively seeking a career move. We’ll also utilize an array of online sourcing tools, social media, and selected job boards to find the best qualified candidates.

Career Smart will verify technical certifications, college degrees, awards and recommendations, and perform a complete review of each candidate’s employment history. We’ll identify gaps in employment that may not show on the resume. Previous supervisors are contacted for  references and reviews.

Our pre-screening process includes initial interviews plus a selection of skills assessments to gauge the candidate’s suitability for the position.

Career Smart can conduct recruitment on a confidential basis in instances when it is preferable not to publish the availability of a position with your company. Interviews can be conducted off-site for confidential placements.

We’ll work with you to arrange and schedule interviews with candidates, either online or in person. Career Smart can also present or pre-test offers and help to schedule start dates and onboarding.

Background checks and drug tests can legally be conducted for candidates who are offered positions, with the offer contingent upon satisfactory results.

Precision Management Recruiting means you can be confident. Guaranteed.

At Career Smart, we’re very selective of the candidates we recommend to our clients. We’re confident that we can find the best candidate for the position you need to fill, but we also want to assure you that we’re there if a problem occurs. Because we are confident in our placement, we will replace free of charge any candidate that is not a fit for your company, provided that we are notified within 90 days of the start date.

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Let’s Get Specific

One of our clients needed a program manager with a specific set of skills. They were looking for automotive industry experience with expertise in both injection molding and fine wood finishing. We were able to find a candidate who had experience with luxury vehicle design and manufacturing and a knowledge of vehicle interiors. He matched our client’s specs to the tee and also fit well with the company culture.